Sustainable practices of integration

Gather, summarise and share the best available research and evidence on integration.

By joining SPRING you and your organisation will become part of a diverse community spreading knowledge among European integration actors.

SPRING will summarise relevant evidence and disseminate the most practical resources in a user-friendly manner in order to match the specific profile and needs of the communities of practice.

  • Mapping and engaging with relevant stakeholders around communities of practice
  • Mobilising significant evidence that matches stakeholders’ knowledge needs
  • Identifying successful and sustainable practices for the integration of newly arrived migrants
  • Promoting an evidence culture in integration policy and building a dialogue with national and local policy makers, public sector, NGOs, businesses and grassroots initiatives 
    creating innovative tools for transferring knowledge

The communities of practice will shape the project through piloted participatory techniques for assessing needs, co-designing activities and identifying solutions and policy implications.

SPRING webinar

Entrepreneurship as a driver of economic inclusion: 

Good practices, challenges and opportunities for (female) beneficiaries of Temporary Protection from Ukraine

Why join SPRING?

SPRING brings together people, knowledge and practices. You and your organisation will become part of a diverse community. 

During the course of the project, we will develop a toolbox that will help European integration actors at national, regional and local level improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their work.

Spread the knowledge among European integration actors!

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