What an incredible journey into making integration practices sustainable! Over the past two years SprINg has worked directly with integration practitioners and stakeholders to summarise the relevant evidence and share the most practical resources that could respond to the specific profile and needs of communities of practices.

The SprINg Consortium involved civil society organisations, universities and stakeholders working in the integration of migrants and refugees in Europe and Canada. The project might be coming to an end, but the SprINg partners will continue to work intensively to foster an evidence-based culture in migration and integration…so keep following them! Fondazione ISMU, ICMPD, Donau Universität Krems, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Migration Policy Group, MPI-Europe, ICMC-Europe, SOLIDAR, youngminds, The Refugee Hub – University of Ottawa, Eurocities.

The SprINg platform remains a key tool for researchers, practitioners, policymakers and stakeholders wanting to enhance their practices and policies through an evidence-based approach.

SprINg Community

The project has created a community bringing together European integration actors working on integration at national, regional and local level. The SprINg community gathers 219 members from 42 different countries. Find out what our members do and in what aspects of integration they work!

Accessible relevant evidence on integration and policy practices

The SprINg evidence section is the access point to the most relevant research on various areas of migrant integration, inclusion and participation in Europe. It features a variety of resources, including summaries, applicable recommendations, handbooks and infographics, that review the most relevant academic and policy literature since 2011 on multiple aspects of integration.

Good integration practices in Europe

The SprINg practice section contains resources empowering practitioners to identify, adapt and upscale promising existing practices to their specific contexts. It explores the qualities of ‘good’ practices and showcase concrete initiatives, offers tools for identifying and transferring practices to meet specific practice needs, and features self-evaluation tools helpng practitioners assess their own work. In addition to its own directory of practices, SprINg brings together a collection of pre-existing repositories on EU-wide migrant integration practices.

For an overview of what SprINg has done take a look at the publications and video section and see how we have helped enhance migrant integration.

Thank you for being with us throughout the past two years! We hope the SprINg toolbox will continue to support the work of researchers, practitioners and organizations working on integration across Europe. Keep an eye on the SprINg Twitter and Linkedin profiles for future updates!
The SprINg Consortium