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The SprINg project created a series of videos to explore the main tools, techniques and activities implemented to help integration practitioners. The videos include interviews with practitioners and SprINg experts who provide insights into what has contributed to the scalability, transfer and sustainability of the practices.

What exactly is the SprINg project?

“SprINg is much more than a traditional research project—it’s a platform and a community of researchers & practitioners from all over Europe, working together & sharing their knowledge & expertise on migration & diversity”Prof. Peter Scholten. This video introduces the Sustainable Practices of Integration (SprINg) project. It explores what exactly the project is, why it is needed and provides an overview of what it achieves.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Practitioners are often forced to ‘reinvent the wheel’ — creating entirely new integration practices from scratch. The SprINg initiative aimed to change this by empowering partitioners to identify, adapt and upscale promising existing practices to their specific contexts. We explored the qualities of ‘good’ practices, while also introducing SprINg’s tools to help practitioners with identifying and transferring practices to meet their needs

Connecting integration practitioners to knowledge, tools and other communities of practice

Throughout EU Member States, there are thousands of integration practitioners and policymakers working toward the goal of including refugees and newcomers into their new host societies. But many practitioners are left feeling isolated, lacking the networks, tools, knowledge and resources they need in order to make a greater impact. The EU-funded SprINg project addressed this by supporting communities of practice through several innovative strategies.

How can integration policymakers maximise impact?

When a policy or a practice has been evaluated, the evidence generated by this evaluation is often not implemented. The SprINg evidence toolkit brings together different resources that help practitioners and policymakers to work more evidence-based. This video presents strategies to foster an evidence-based culture in integration practices.

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