As part of the SprINg project, the Migration Policy Group — in collaboration with the project’s partners — has created a video to provide insights into the initiative and how it can benefit integration practitioners.

The video, the first of four, takes a look at integration practices across the EU and beyond. In particular, it highlights how practitioners are often forced to ‘reinvent the wheel’ — creating entirely new integration practices from scratch. It then explains how the SprINg initiative aims to change this by empowering partitioners to identify, adapt, upscale or downscale promising existing practices to their specific contexts.

In doing so, the video also explores the qualities of ‘good’ practices, while also introducing SprINg’s tools to help practitioners with identifying and transferring practices to meet their needs.

Two versions of the video have been made:

  • a short (1-minute) trailer version - above
  • as well as a longer (8-minute) version - below